Quick Decode: Low self-esteem; self-judgement; moving beyond limitation


Popular Expressions: It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good


Possible Meanings:

If you have a disability in your dream, and you don’t have a disability in real life, take note of what part of your body is disabled and consider it in relation to what you feel you can’t do at the moment. For example, if your hand is disabled, do you feel that you can’t handle an important situation that has arisen in your life? To dream your disabled may also indicate that you’re dealing with self-esteem issues. Why do you feel you’re not capable? If someone else is disabled in your dream, what is your response? Do they make you feel uncomfortable, or do you offer to lend them a hand? How do you feel about your response? To dream of disability may also suggest that you’re doing your best (or a person with the disability is) to move beyond limitation.