Quick Decode: Wholeness; new potential; hidden treasures

Popular Expressions: A nest egg; Put all your eggs in one basket; Egg on your face


Possible Meanings:

If you see eggs in a dream, the most obvious meaning is fertility. How does this relate to your life right now? Is the egg in your dream hard-boiled or does it have a soft center? If it’s the former, it may indicate a desire to be more assertive and definite in your opinion. If the latter, maybe you want to experience more gentleness in your life. Are you treading on eggshells, indicating that you need to be more sensitive?Perhaps the egg indicates that you are being “egged on” to do something you don’t want to do. Or if you dream that egg is splattered all over your (or someone else’s) face, are you (or they) dealing with an embarrassing situation?