Quick Decode: Transport; race; unexpected success (dark horse)

Popular Expressions: Back the wrong horse; Get on your high horse; from the horse’s mouth


Possible Meanings:

If you work with or own a horse, the significance may be specific to your situation and your personal relationship with the horse, its upkeep and so on. A horse is a symbol of freedom, strength, and power. A person on horseback is in a more dominant position than one on foot. Are you in a powerful position? Is someone exerting power/influence over you?Consider the emotions/feelings that come up for you in the dream. Are you in control of the horse, or is the horse taking you for a ride? Also, consider what type of horse it is. Is it a racing horse or a working horse? These answers will indicate which track is best for you to follow. The first requires a lot more work and strength and the second indicates your not to get bogged down, to quicken the pace, and speed things up.