Quick Decode: Confinement; punishment; supervision

Popular Expressions: In a jam; doing time; thick as thieves


Possible Meanings:

Who is in jail in your dream? Are you the one who’s being confined? Why do you feel that you need to be punished? Do you feel you’ve committed an act of wrongdoing? Or do you feel that you’re being punished for something that isn’t your fault? The answers to these questions will indicate whether you feel that you are a victim or simply misunderstood. Are you trying to escape from jail? Think about this in relation to wanting to escape from something in your life right now. Is a job, relationship, or uncomfortable situation making you feel enclosed and trapped?If someone else is in jail, what are they doing in there? Do you feel they deserve to be there, or are you trying to get them out? Does this person represent an aspect of yourself that you either want to confine or let loose?