Quick Decode: Mystery; hibernation; protection


Popular Expressions: Cave in; In a hole


Possible Meanings:

What are you doing in the cave in your dream? How do you feel about being in there? Is it a place of hibernation and protection, or do you feel trapped? How you regard the cave may indicate how you feel about exploring dark places. In your waking life, are you experiencing a time of rebirth, the cave being a symbol of retreat? Or do you feel trapped in the cave, perhaps indicating that you’re trapped in a cycle of melancholy thoughts or feelings. The cave is also symbolic of the subconscious. Whatever you’re doing in the cave will help you to determine the subconscious message. Discover what it is that resides underneath the surface but is also staring you straight in the face.The cave may also indicate not to give up on a relationship or a project. Don’t cave in there’s a way out.