Quick Decode: Playfulness; naivety; immature thoughts


Popular Expressions: It’s child’s play


Possible Meanings:

The most obvious symbolic meanings of seeing children in a dream are playfulness, innocence, and amazement. Is this the way you’re approaching life at the moment? Do you feel playful and innocent? Are you amazed by everything you see in your life? What is the child (or children) doing in your dream? Are you playing with them, indicating a desire to slow down, chill out, and not take life so seriously? Children can also symbolise blissful naïveté. Are you naïve about someone/something in your life? Does your naïveté get you into trouble? Also, consider whether your approach to something/someone in your life is immature. Are you acting like a child when you should be behaving like an adult? Is something in your life moving along better than planned? Is what you’re doing child’s play?