Quick Decode: Wild; flamboyant; safety (zebra crossings)


Popular Expressions: Horse of a different colour


Possible Meanings:

To see a zebra in a dream may indicate that the last thing you want to do is camouflage your feelings or intentions. Nothing stands out as vividly on the Serengeti as those black-and-white stripes. The zebra may also symbolize that wild, untamable spirit within us all. As much as we’d like to have a zebra domesticated, no one has managed to break one in. Also consider that the zebra in your dream could be a symbol of authority, like the military, where you can tell someone’s rank by their stripes. The zebra is also a great symbol signifying that you’ve come to terms with all aspects of yourself, your light side and shadow side. You’ve integrated them perfectly, and you’re quite happy to openly display the light and dark side of yourself without fearing judgment.

Wild; flamboyant; safety (zebra crossings)