> Introduction

Symbols can be viewed on their own or as part of a larger group or family. If you wish to be specific look up the symbol by name in the A to Z section. If a more general interpretation is satisfactory then either go to our Common Dreams or Common Themes section. Since the same process works for a symbol or a theme, start with these questions in mind:
For example, if you dream of an animal, body part or celebrity...

> How did I feel upon wakening?
> Did the dream bring joy or did I feel threatened?
> What does this particular symbol represent to me?

For example, to some an animal such as an owl represents wisdom, but to others it may represent a night stalker. An eye could represent sight or if you refer to the saying, ‘An eye for an eye’ it could also mean revenge. If you dream of an action hero, it could mean you wish for more excitement or the desire to be rescued. What the symbol represents to you as individual is perhaps the most critical part of decoding your dream.

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