Quick Decode: Cooling down; new ideas; change of direction

Popular Expressions: A breathe of fresh air; Up in the air


Possible Meanings:

Does the fan symbolize that you want to be cooled down, refreshed, or rejuvenated? Do you need a breath of fresh air? If you’re excited about a current project or romance, the fan may signify the need to cool down and look at the situation more calmly. Perhaps the fan represents a desire to be blown away, that is, to be excited, surprised, and moved? Or do you want to blow people away with an idea or project? The hand-held fan has been used throughout the ages to evoke mystery, sexuality, and allure. Do you want to cover up your thoughts and ideas and have them shrouded in mystery? As a pun, the fan may also represent adulation, respect, and desire? Are you a fan of an individual, a thought, or a philosophy?