Quick Decode: Passion; pro creation; union

Popular Expressions: hot & bothered; making whoopee; a bit on the side

Possible Meanings:

Obviously anything to do with wish fulfilment, lust, fantasy or a desire to increase the number of family members doesn’t require a dream coach, you can work it out for yourself. If none of the above apply to you then the question is, do you want to be more intimate with someone? In other words be closer, more friendly and sociable. Remember we dream in symbols and therefore this could be just a symbol of wanting a closer relationship than the one you have with this person. It’s very important not to feel guilty or disturbed with your choice of partners in your dreams. It’s more important to ask yourself what does this individual symbolize? If your making passionate love to your bank manager is it because he is a symbol of financial stability and that’s what you really desire deep down, unfortunately we can’t dream financial stability so we choose someone who represents that in our mind. If it’s a stranger or someone you’ve never met then ask yourself, what is it that they’ve got that I need more of, it may be a cowboy who roams the open plains and therefore you desire more ruggedness and freedom in your life, it could be a painter or a musician and you desire to be more artistic and perhaps creative. The point is it’s more about the symbol and the emotion rather than the individual that’s there with you. Biologically we are designed to ensure that our genes are passed on this fact alone ensures that sex is on our conscious and subconscious mind. It’s important to deal with these type of dreams with tender loving care!