Quick Decode: Limitless; peace (heaven); an expression of mood

Popular Expressions: The sky’s the limit; Up in the air; Pie in the sky

Possible Meanings:

Inspiration often hits out of the blue; therefore, if you see a blue sky in your dream, it can indicate that you can see clearly. Dreaming of a sky can also indicate limitlessness. Is this how you feel about your life at the moment? Do you see it stretched out in front of you without any bounds? Is this an exciting or daunting prospect? What color is the sky in your dream, indicating an expression of mood? For example, gray skies suggest a melancholy mood, while blue skies indicate a joyful, light mood.Are you feeling particularly positive in your life at the moment . as if the sky’s the limit? Or perhaps you’re feeling ungrounded and uncertain, as everything is up in the air.