Quick Decode: Misunderstanding; predator; creativity

Popular Expressions: Web of intrigue; A tangled web; On a sticky wicket

Possible Meanings:

Spiders are often misunderstood and feared, but did you know that according to the statisticians, there’s as much chance of getting hit in the head by a popping champagne cork as there is being bit by a poisonous spider? Do you feel misunderstood, or is there a misunderstanding in your life that’s creating fear? Maybe you’re afraid of something. The spider is one of the most creative insects on the planet. It can build a web that’s both an engineering feat and a work of art. Do you wish to be more creative? The spider also has an enormous amount of patience, diligently building its web and waiting for its food to show up. Does something in your life require your patience right now? Perhaps the spider in your dream has something to do with the Internet—your personal world wide web.