Quick Decode: Adversary; ambush; infringement


Popular Expressions: A battle of wills; In the firing line


Possible Meanings:

Whether you were attacking or being attacked in your dream, I’m sure the feeling wasn’t pleasant. Do you see yourself as a victim? Is it an indication of how you feel about your life at the moment? Are outside forces and circumstances conspiring to threaten you in some way? Who is attacking you? Is it an aspect of yourself, a colleague, a family member, or a stranger? It’s important that you understand who the adversary is in order to meet them head on. For example, if you’re being attacked by a teenager, could it be that you fear new ideas and new ways to express yourself? If you’re attacking someone do you wish to effect some sort of change in that person? Or is it simply a release of frustration, and you want to get back at someone who embarrassed or angered you?