Quick Decode: Voyeurism; forbidden; adult

Popular Expressions: A comedy of Eros; X-marks the spot

Possible Meanings:

When you see the X on the film, you know you’re going to see lots of scenes that some people believe are unsuitable for your eyes. Does the X-rated symbol indicate that you should decide what is suitable or unsuitable for you, or does it mean that you should take other people’s word because they have the authority to judge? Perhaps you feel that someone is being exploited, or forced to do something for money. Also consider that something marked X-rated in your dream could mean that you’re stimulated by watching other people do things you wouldn’t necessarily do. Some of us fantasise being a porn star and in most cases that wish never occurs except in our dreams. It’s important not to feel any guilt or shame as it is a private viewing between yourself and yourself and their definitely won’t be any copies past around.