Quick Decode: Loss; seize; unlawful force; ransom

Popular Expressions: Steal someone’s thunder; hold someone to ransom; take someone by the throat

Possible Meanings:

The thing about a kidnapping is that it’s a surprise removal from ones routine. Ask yourself, are you in a rut? And you secretly wish that someone would snatch you out of your routine. If your feeling vulnerable or uneasy, is it because your out of your comfort zone? Being kidnapped is not pleasant but in a dream we’re working with symbols and the motion is very important to explore. If someone else is being kidnapped then it’s obviously your worst fears coming through. Once the fear is dealt with then there’s a realisation that there may be a parting of the way, a possible separation and hopefully a reunion. If you are the kidnapper, who are you keeping hostage? and why? And what price do they need to pay for their freedom?