> Infidelity

Quick Decode: Lusty desire; rearranged partnerships; jealousy

Popular Expressions: An affair of the heart; you made your bed, now lie in it; caught with your pants down; caught red handed

Possible Meanings:

If you’re in a committed relationship and you commit adultery in your dream, is it an outlet for repressed desires? If your partner commits adultery in your dream, is it an issue of trust between the both of you? Are you in an adulterous relationship? If so, what is the dream telling you? Do you feel safe in the relationship because you don’t have to commit? If you’re religious, do you feel guilty or did it give you a guilt-free outlet?If you commit adultery with a member of your family, it usually has nothing to do with sexual attraction. I believe it suggests a desire to be more intimate with that person.Perhaps you’re presently dissatisfied with a relationship in your life. If so, the dream may be an expression of your current outlook, that is the grass is always greener on the other side.One of the most important things to remember is that there is no such thing as thought crime, if you dream that you were in an inappropriate situation with someone or someone you really love is not being faithful, guilt should not be expressed. It’s usually more about a desire to become familiar or closer to the person your embracing. If it’s your partner it’s usually a way of seeing your worst fears played out so that you strengthen your response mechanisms and you are able to handle any disappointments more powerfully.There are occasions in a dream when someone is not being faithful to the relationship and it’s most enjoyable, this could be wish fulfilment. Obviously the desire has been satisfied at some level and in most cases that is as far as it goes. There are other occasions when the dreamer feels jealous.It’s important not to carry this jealous feeling into your waking life, it is more useful to work out what attributes the other person had that were so attractive to you. Often we project our attraction onto others. In other words you imagine that your partner would be interested in a particular person but in actual fact they’re not, it’s your perception.I wish to conclude by reinforcing the fact that we should not surrender to guilt, jealousy or anger; we should consider that the dream has deeper meanings, rather than the obvious.