> Flying

Quick Decode: Freedom; inspiration; overview

Popular Expressions: Get off to a flying start; Go down with flying colours

Possible Meanings:

Most people love flying dreams, they experience a feeling of liberation as they soar through the sky or float around the bedroom. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the experience of a flying dream. However, the experience of a flying-in-an-aeroplane dream is different. If you have a flying dream, ask yourself what you are flying over. This may be what you want to rise above. If you are flying over your home, maybe you feel as though you are being bogged down by household chores. If you are flying over a large city, maybe you want more activity in your life, or perhaps you want to escape the concrete jungle? Do you see a group of acquaintances chatting and wish to rise above idle gossip? The most common feeling associated with flying is exhilaration, a sense a freedom. You can do whatever you want and are not scared of falling. It speaks of a desire to liberate you from mundane, day-to-day activities. A lot of people who dream of flying say it signifies a time in their lives when everything is flowing smoothly and they feel in control of their destiny. Other people say it gives them the strength and motivation to take responsibility for something in their lives that they feel is spiraling out of control. Other types of flying dreams, such as flying in an aeroplane or helicopter, aren’t usually as exhilarating. Sometimes they occur before you or someone else is about to take a flight somewhere. But if that’s not the case, it’s important to notice where you are flying to in the dream, how you feel about it, and why you feel you need technology to help you to rise above it all. World-renowned environmentalist, David Suzuki, dreamt of flying over pristine rainforests, sun drenched beaches and clear, blue water. Was it but motivation for his commitment to the environment?