> Chased

Quick Decode: Being followed; mission; avoiding capture

Popular Expressions: Chase your tale; Cut to the chase; Wild goose chase

Possible Meanings:

It’s wonderful being chased if you are looking forward to being caught! But in a dream this is usually not the case. More often than not, the dreamer is running from something they do not wish to face. In your dream, are you running from an aspect of yourself, something that you are afraid of becoming, or something that you used to be that you no longer want to be? If you can’t identify who or what is chasing you as an aspect of you, what or who is it you are afraid of? What do you feel will happen if you are caught? Are you strong enough not to be overtaken? What will happen if you stand and fight? How you react to being chased is just as important as how you feel about it. Do you stop and confront the assailant, and face the situation? Or do you keep running, confident that you will not be caught? The primary objective when you are being chased is to escape the person chasing you. Who is it you want to escape from? Have you planned an escape strategy? One other thing worth exploring: being chased in your dream may be a round about way of you telling yourself to be virtuous and chaste!