Quick Decode: High society; tall tales; unacceptable

Popular Expressions: Hard to swallow; Jump down someone’s throat; Stick your neck out


Possible Meanings:

If you dream of a giraffe, ask yourself if it’s time to take chances—that is, stick your neck out.What is the giraffe doing in your dream? Is it feeding from the highest branches and chewing the best leaves that no other animal can reach? Are you being reminded that when you make an effort to extend yourself, the awards are there?Has the giraffe got its head in the clouds, indicating that you need to come back down to earth? Or is the giraffe awkwardly trying to eat grass, indicating that being down to earth isn’t always practical?Giraffes get a bird’s eye view of eh world without leaving the ground. Do you want to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground while viewing the horizon clearly?