Quick Decode: Quick decode: transparency; brittle; mirror

Popular Expressions: People in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones; glass half empty or full; glass ceiling


Possible Meanings:

Isn’t glass wonderful it’s there but its not. It’s hard but in most cases you can see right through it. Does the glass represent a current challenge that seems very hard? But if you really look hard enough you will be able to see the solution and look right through the problem. Look at the glass and try to recall if it was clean, frosty or opaque this will indicate the kind of barriers that you need to overcome. Sometimes the answer is very clear, sometimes the answers are a little bit murky and sometimes you can’t even see the answer, but if you clean things up and remove all the clutter the answer is crystal clear! Often we are held back by out beliefs and insecurities and the glass in the dream asking you to work harder and breakthrough that imaginary glass ceiling.