Since imagery can often be misinterpreted, one particularly useful tool that can help you to decipher the symbols in your dreams is to consider whether they are literally visual representations of popular expressions. We all use popular expressions, metaphors,and anecdotes to assist in getting our message across.

Example: If you see yourself covered in dirt in your dream, upon wakening try running through some popular expressions. You could start by thinking about whether you have been given difficult task by someone and you feel you’ve got the “dirty end of the stick.” Could it be that someone has “done the dirty” on you? Then again, you may have been neglecting your garden and it’s time to “get your hands dirty”.

Hopefully you’ll get the idea of how popular expressions can appear in a literal way in dreams and through exploring popular expressions, idioms and metaphors, we can reveal so much more than the obvious. This makes them very useful tools in your quest to decode your dreams!

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